SEE(d)’s Story…

SEE(d) Artist Series believes that a pluralist, productive Bay Area is enriched by a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints, and that artists are fundamental to pushing the boundaries of perspectives and ideas. Unfortunately, the artists who keep our region culturally rich are currently struggling to continue to practice art in the Bay Area amidst a changing economic and cultural landscape.

SEE(d) seeks to address the problem of artist displacement that affects the future ecology of our society by offering meaningful and nourishing dialogues with artists and culture makers about creativity, art and ideas. SEE(d) gives participants opportunities to break out of weekly work routines and limiting creative blocks to learn, grow, connect with others while supporting the artists who are vital to our shared community.

SEE(d) is co-directed by independent curator Katya Min and arts educator Tana Johnson, who have forty years of collective experience in the Bay Area arts community. Both are avid arts supporters and committed to helping artists sustain their studio practices. By engaging artists who work in non-commercial, multi-disciplinary realms and encouraging the exchange of creative practices with the general public, Min and Johnson hope to help preserve the legacy of an artistically viable, culturally relevant Bay Area arts ecology. SEE(d) Artist Series is institutionally agnostic and independently run.

Nurture Your Own Creativity—Join SEE(d) Creative Network

For $300 annually, SEE(d) Creative Network members receive exclusive opportunities to attend all SEE(d) events. SEE(d) Members—Creative Entrepreneurs and Professionals, Designers and Makers, Start-up Innovators, Art Collectors and Supporters (you!) build a network with artists and community members who inspire bold gestures in creativity to learn from and grow creative projects and ventures.

SEE(d) Members receive these Exclusive Benefits:

  • First-come, first-served behind-the-scenes access to 6 artist studio visits annually

  • Networking opportunities with other professionals

  • Unique gatherings featuring cutting-edge art and culinary offerings

  • First access to online artwork sales and art auctions (when offered)

  • Opportunities to collect art and become an arts maven

  • Discounts on Arts Consulting fees

Add-on* SEE(d) Member Opportunities:

SEE(d) Members receive invitations to attend special cultural excursions such as, visits to maker studios, guided tours to museums and private collectors’ homes, art fairs, art openings, art and wine festivals. *All Add-on opportunities are offered at additional fees.

Help sustain the legacy of cultural production and creative arts in the Bay Area by joining SEE(d) Creative Network today!

Image credit: Deborah Oropallo’s Northern California Studio